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Forex Trading Systems

Rapid Forex

The Rapid Forex systems are the latest forex training guides to be published by experienced traders and trainers Brian Campbell and Robert Borowski. Brian Campbell is the developer of the highly successful ‘4xtrend’ system and, teaming up with Robert Borowski, together they have consolidated their years of experience to release what promises to be some of the simplest and most profitable techniques yet in the forex trading arena – and at an incredibly affordable price.

The Rapid Forex system comprises 5 modules, available either separately or as a bulk purchase, each module being self-contained yet building upon techniques learned in the other packages.

With the Rapid Forex Starter Package you'll be off to a fast start towards becoming a professional currency trader. Iinclude are the best-selling Forex Education Manual (teaching a simple, precise entry/exit strategy); the money management Forex Freedom manual; and to help you understand currency trading basics, a copy of Forex for Beginners. In addition to the 3 books, you also receive a free month's access to the private Resource Section of their website.

The Fortune Package brings you another powerful trading technique – advanced Option Strategies – giving access to powerful software not available elsewhere.

To develop your skills faster, the Success Package teaches what the authors call ‘Forex Surfing’ techniques, claiming 75% winning trades whilst limiting losses to just 20 pips per trade. The manual contains dozens of trading strategies that will help you enter trades more safely – trades that might otherwise require a huge stop which you might otherwise pass on due to the risk involved.

The Clever Profits Package breaks with traditional forex trading techniqes to teach how to obtain much larger profits without the need for indicators, pivot points, moving averages or complex analysis of any sort. And there are just 5 simple steps to follow.

Finally, the Supreme Profits Package unites the contents of all the packages – at one low price – and then goes on to teach some powerful techniques which will have you making forex profits working just 10 minutes a day.

These are impressive forex training materials, which would still be impressive at 10 times the cost! You can download a free copy of the Rapid Forex “Forex Freedom" report and take a peek at how to turn $300 into $30,000 in as little as 6 months trading Forex.

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Rapid Forex

Surefire Trading Systems

Surefire Trading offers a range of books and courses in successfully trading stocks, forex and futures, including day trading techniques.

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Surefire trading systems

The Way To Trade

John Piper's trading success is based on a combination of a clearly defined strategy, disciplined money management techniques, and the ability to adapt to differing market conditions. This book is essential training for investors prepared to look below the surface and profit consistently from market price action. It comes jam-packed with every lesson this master trader has learnt in over 16 years of trading.

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Way to Trade

The Day Trade Forex System

Leveraged Forex trading is extremely risky - you can lose money as fast as you can make it. In this complex and difficult market, you need education and a trading plan. The Day Trade Forex System will teach you how to spot trading opportunities by looking at chart patterns on your screen. There is a free charting package, and the trading platform will enable you to practice trading with 'virtual' money until you are completely ready to trade on a 'real' account.

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Day Trade Forex System

Guide to Profitable Forex Day Trading

Forex Trading System And Techniques To Maximize Your Trading Profits by Rob Moubray and Ken Marshall. Learn to trade forex with a solid reliable forex trading system,proven time-tested currency trading strategies, forex tools and forex techniques that really work. Learning forex analysis through this ebook will enable both experienced traders and beginners to trade with confidence. The system has received favourable reviews on forex forums because its performance has been taken to new levels by using a mechanical entry and allowing the trader to choose one of four exit points dictated by the market after the trade has progressed into profitable territory.

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Guide to Profitable Forex Day Trading
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Forex Trading Systems

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