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Do you sometimes feel you should be making more money from your investments and trading activities? Let's face it, there's always room for improvement!

I guess most every day you hear stories about professionals making huge profits from single trades and wondered how they did it. Am I right? Is that you? Or are you perhaps one of the many who have either lost money or are just trying to keep their heads above water? It was certainly like that for me a few years ago.

If you see yourself in this situation, or even if you are already trading successfully but wish to do even better, then read on – I think you will be interested in what we have to offer.

But first let me introduce myself. My name is Tony Wood. I have been a keen amateur trader in stock and Forex derivatives for a number of years. I have an international lifestyle, so not only do I trade as a way of increasing my income – which naturally I do – but trading the Forex also helps me in going about my day-to-day life from a practical standpoint.

There's a lot of investment and trading information to be found on the net – some of it good, some of it bad, some of it highly dangerous. Isn’t it a pain wading through it all to get to what you are looking for and then – once you’ve found that pearl of a system – only to discover that it’s priced way over the top or, having tried it for a month or two, it’s not what it promised to be and you’ve lost all your trading capital! A familiar scenario to many of you I imagine.

Well now you need look no further. I’ve created this site to provide IN ONE PLACE almost all the information you will need as an active trader. And it’s growing – week by week.

But there is more! I’m inviting you personally to be one of the first members of the Midas Trader Club – a FOUNDER MEMBER. In additional to the information available to ordinary site visitors, Midas Trader Club members will benefit from detailed system reviews, hot recommendations, and special member-only offers.

Sign up NOW and all this will be yours totally FREE of charge for the lifetime of your membership. I guarantee you will never need to pay another cent. Of course, you can always cancel your membership at any time. But why should you want to?

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What’s more, for being one of the first members, you’ll get the following FIVE valuable bonuses immediately after you join:

"Trading in Mind – 10 ways to stay focused for real-time traders". Essential reading for every trader and would-be trader before you make a single trade. One of the most useful guides you will ever read and could very well safeguard your financial future. Even if you read nothing else on trading, read this!

"Forex Manual for Successful Trading" – Useful background reading on the world Forex markets: what they are, how they work, how to trade, fundamental factors and technical analysis, including a large glossary of terms. Keep this book beside you when learning to trade the Forex.

"Insider Secrets of Online Currency Trading" – Useful for both the complete novice and the more experienced trader, this guide gives you a step-by-step plan to sustained profits from the Forex. Plus how to get started with zero risk.

"The 1-2-3 Trading Signal" – If you want to become an expert in just one chart setup pattern, this is it! Works with stocks and futures in all time frames as a highly reliable buy or sell signal.

"Bot Surfer" – The world’s 1st multi-forum search tool. A PC Windows program that allows you to deep search up to 15 of your favorite forums simultaneously right from your desktop, saving you massive amounts of time. Comes pre-loaded with some of the top investor and trader discussion boards.

But please sign up NOW. I can’t guarantee how long we will be able to keep these valuable bonuses available. You will be able to download them directly to your computer immediately after you’ve confirmed your membership.

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And remember - as a member of the Midas Trader Club, you’ll be receiving not only the latest news and analysis of the latest systems, but regular special "member-only" offers not found elsewhere, PLUS more bonus tools and reports like you’ll soon be receiving. Just as a thank you for being a loyal member.

Well, if that’s not convinced you to sign up now, I don’t know what will! We’ve got so much to offer – on a regular basis. And I’ll be keeping in touch personally to share VALUABLE INFORMATION whenever I get hold of it.

To your success,

Tony Wood
Publisher & Founder, The Midas Trader Club

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