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Real Estate Investment

Professor Profits

A step-by-step guide to investing in tax lien certificates and tax deeds. Gain a firm understanding of the various tax lien and deed laws at work, state by state, for investing in real estate secured, high yielding Tax Liens and Tax Deeds, including how to avoid all hidden risks and pitfalls.

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Professor profits

Complete Guide To Investing in Tax Lien Certificates

Learn about how to earn huge profits and 16% to 25% interest by investing in safe, secured, government sponsored Tax Lien and Tax Deed Certificates. E-book course with video tutorial. Anyone can do this with as little as $200. The liens are all different prices, depending on the amount of the tax lien. You can even, occasionally, end up owning the property. Learn how to buy by mail; what not to do, and how to avoid the dangers of buying a Certificate through the mail. You will get detailed instructions on how to bid and the rules of bidding. You will learn how to keep from making BIG mistakes by following the simple stages in this course. Included are addresses and phone numbers for all Counties known to the authors in the 50 States. And, most importantly, you will learn how much to pay (some are "worthless" properties, or the tax liens are too high in relation to the property value).

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Complete guide to investing in tax lien certificates

Real Estate IRA

The Real Estate IRA is a step-by-step guide showing you the inside secrets and techniques required to increase your financial wealth through property investing. Quickly learn how to convert your “paper-centered” IRA to a “property-centered” IRA within a month. No previous real estate investment experience is necessary, as the easy to follow chapters in this book take you through the whole process – from setting up your Real Estate IRA Plan to closing escrow on your first property. This book will teach you the types of self-directed IRA, Roth, Individual 401(k) and other Retirement Plans that qualify for the IRA Investment Program. Learn how to open a Real Estate IRA and the rules governing the purchase, management and selling of your IRA property. Learn how to buy property using your IRA and other funds, and the types of financing that can be used to purchase IRA real estate. Also detailed are creative ways to leverage your IRA investments, how to use partnerships to buy IRA property; how to multiply your IRA real estate investments without selling; and how to buy IRA property you can live in before you retire. In fact, learn how to buy your IRA property anywhere in the world.

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Real estate IRA

Annuities: Shocking Truth Revealed

Discover the shocking secrets about annuities that banks and insurance companies don't want you to know! Until now, the truth about how agents and insurance companies rake in big profits while hurting the consumer has never been revealed. In his detailed report, Tony Bahu explains: the truth about how agents get paid and why insurance companies don't want you to know; the one annuity you MUST own; how to get out of the annuity you are in without tax consequences; what your agent never told you about the Return Policy. Also … 'Medicaid friendly' annuities. You were told that your annuity is medicaid friendly... don't fall for the hype... here’s what’s really going on. Then learn about the one annuity you should almost NEVER own-- unless you are a dying gambler! In fact everything that you need to know about annuities. Knowing and understanding this will save you thousands and thousands of dollars before you ever sit down and talk with an annuities agent. For example: why a 'minimum guarantee' can do more harm than good; how your annuity is being double taxed and what you can do about it; how to use minimum guarantees to your advantage and why not understanding this can hurt you; exactly what you need to know about the 'index annuity' and what your agent isn't telling you; when an annuity becomes your worst nightmare-- don't let this happen to you. Then there’s the way to get an insurance company to send you a check every month-- it's not what you think! And why you may be losing up to 40% of your return purchasing a mutual fund through an annuity and why mutual funds outside of a variable annuity will just about always outperform the same mutual fund in a variable annuity. Failing to understand this is like throwing your hard earned money out the window. This and much more can be found in this detailed report compiled by an actual annuities sales agent.

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Real Estate Investment
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